Our Story

At Greedy Goat we make proudly British goats’ milk ice cream that is packed full of flavour and fun.

We started from humble beginnings serving ice cream cups and cones from our little goat shack in Borough Market. The more we scooped, the more people told us how special our ice cream was and it was this reassurance that gave us the kick up the tail-end to finally start producing our ice cream in retail appropriate packaging.

After several recipe tweaks and a few packaging changes, we have come up with an ice cream product we are truly proud to bleat about.

About our Ice Cream

Made in Somerset from British GM free goats’ milk, Greedy Goat ice cream is a dandy alternative to cows’ milk ice cream. Its silky-smooth texture and delicious flavours will have you licking the jar clean every time!


Why Goats Milk?

  • 65% of the world’s population drink goats’ milk over cows’ milk
  • More calcium and magnesium which is key for immunity
  • High levels of vitamin A which keeps skin looking good
  • 85% less allergenic than Cows’ milk
  • More oligosaccharides than cows’ milk which help to keep your gut and digestive system healthy
  • High potassium levels help reduce blood pressure
  • Naturally homogenized – smooth and consistent without it undergoing a man-made process